When a person is charged with a crime, he is called the defendant, and he is given the right to a lawyer. To be precise, in terms of lawyers, the defendant is given the assistance of counsel. The right to counsel gives the defendant the right of self-representation- the right to go to the trial without the assistance of an attorney and defend yourself. Such a person is called pro se.

However, anyone cannot be a pro or represent without the assistance of a lawyer. The lawyer must feel that you can represent yourself and give permission for the same. You have to convince the lawyer to make him trust you. Nonetheless, representing yourself in a criminal case is challenging. The fact that the effects of losing a criminal case is long lasting and can be severe. It is important to think carefully before representing yourself in a criminal case.

  • Lack of knowledge: The law itself is complicated and difficult. Even for simple matters, navigating the courtroom and going through the legal proceedings can be a nightmare. Just because you can walk and represent yourself in the court, doesn’t mean you will do well. An average person wouldn’t want to perform their own surgery or cut their own hair. The legal matter is no different. With numerous Law firms in UAE, finding an experienced, reliable lawyer for your criminal case will not be difficult. It is, without doubt, the wisest decision.
  • You don’t have enough experience: It is quite possible that even if you have enough knowledge about law, you may not have appeared in a court before. You may not have faced an attorney, clerk and bailiffs. Facing an experienced, knowledgeable, the attorney is not an easy task. Though you may know your case better than anyone, you may not be the best person to present your case in the best light. Since the outcomes are crucial, taking help of an attorney is the wisest decision.
  • Getting permission: Representing yourself in the court is not your decision alone. When a person is put on trial, he is expected to be present at the court for a hearing where the court does several things. The defendant can represent himself under different conditions. Getting permission is easier if one can prove that he cannot afford a lawyer. Just knowing the laws will not get you the permission to represent yourself in the court of law.

There are countless reasons why you would like to represent yourself in the court of law. You may not be able to afford one, or you may not trust the lawyer or any other reason. But however, there are countless things to be considered before taking such a decision. Even if you are considering a self-representation, it is better to talk to an attorney anyway.

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