Your bags are packed, you’ve stocked up on sunscreen, you have your tickets, and you’ve even purchased a City Pass to your destination city. What do you do if you arrive at the hotel only to find your wallet is missing and your identity has been stolen with it?

The first thing to do is file a police report. This will set the wheels in motion in case your credit and personal information has landed in the wrong hands.

Next, contact the airports, airlines, and transit services and determine whether someone has found your wallet and turned it in.

Check your bags in case you misplaced it while traveling. Stop, take a few deep breaths, and try and remember where you last had it in hand.

Make a list of everything you keep in your wallet, such as bank cards, credit cards, and personal information. Don’t forget your medical information and an estimate of the cash you were carrying.

If there’s a family member at home have them locate the account numbers and other information you’ll need. Call your bank and credit card companies and notify them of your loss; they can put a hold on your accounts until you let them know the outcome of your loss.

Call your insurance company and determine whether your loss is covered. Ask them what steps you should take next.

Ask your family members to wire cash to the hotel so you can check in while you work on the problem. Speak with the hotel manager and inform her of your problem so she can take steps to help you receive any funds coming in (since you don’t have identification to claim them).

Contact the airline your return flight is booked on and determine what steps you can take to get through security without proper identification.

If you’re out of the country you might want to contact your consulate and ask what help they can give.

Whatever the outcome, don’t panic. There’s nothing you can change by becoming upset, so do what you can to remedy the situation and let authorities do their job to recover your loss.