Most laws say that a driver has to stop at the crosswalk, limit line, or at the entrance to the intersection. This implies that one should stop a little before the stop sign. If one fails to stop at this limit then he is liable for some legal action to be taken against him. To save yourself from the legal consequences, it is thus required to learn the right way to deal with it.

What does the law relate to stop sign say?

As per the law, a driver irrespective of the type of vehicle he is driving should stop at a limit line when approaching a stop sign within the intersection or at the entrance if it is marked. If the stop sign is not marked, then he should stop the vehicle before entering the crosswalk or close to the side of the railroad grade crossing or intersecting roadway.

What should be done when any legal charge is made for running a stop sign?

A person should use all supportive defense mechanism to avoid legal implications due to running a stop sign.

Prove that you stopped your vehicle farther back from the stop line

Some of the careful drivers, however, stop their vehicle far from the white marker line. Officer must be there hiding behind the bush to record who has violated the law. Christensen Law firm is one of the reputed law firms in the Texas region. To prove your innocence, experienced lawyers at this firm advise to first take the officer’s notes to learn about the charges made against you.

Now go to the place of the ticket. Take snapshots from the place where the officer was looking. Document a visual barrier. Convincingly testify that you did halt your vehicle. To support your state, you can produce a witness or a passenger who will confirm what you said.

Concealed Stop Sign

This is another way by which you can justify your situation. You can prove that the stop sign was hidden or covered, so it was not visible to the passenger. Thus, as it was not your mistake, you would be relieved of all legal charged levied under this case.

Stop sign can get obscured due to storm-blown branches, twisted by kids, or obscured due to plenty of reasons. You can take pictures of the place from different distances or angles to make your testimony more convincing.

As most of the traffic-court courtrooms do not have monitors and video players, so they may not view it. So, it is important to talk to the clerk in advance to figure out whether the judge will allow it to be shown in the court.

Newly Installed Signs

This is another effective way to protect yourself from being ticketed for running a newly installed stop mark. It could be the case that you missed the sign because it was newly installed and was not there earlier. This method will work only if you prove that this stop sign was installed recently.


Running the stop sign is one of the reasons to face legal repercussions. Hiring an experienced attorney would guide you through the best course of action to get relief from the charges at the earliest.