Injuries caused due to medical malpractice are not just physical, but also at psychological. As the cases of malpractice are difficult and complex to prove, you need the most qualified and experienced attorney to deal with the lawsuit. They know the best ways and strategies to file the claim against the plaintiff.

Consult an experienced attorney quickly

Finding an expert attorney who can deal with medical malpractice case is the first step towards filing the claim. It is important to consult an attorney quickly to ensure that the case is filed much before the expiry date of the statute of limitations. By hiring an attorney as soon as the incident occurred ensures that the case gets filed in a timely way.

Depending on the location of the filing of the case, there can be certain pre-suit requirements that are needed to be fulfilled. Review boards, and medical expert affidavits have potential consequences as to whether the case can be filed or not.

Get valid copies of medical records

There are several recognized and leading medical malpractice attorneys in Miami. Medical records such as doctor’s prescription, reports and bills are the best proofs in any medical malpractice case. The contents of the records have the potential to either make or break your case.

It is the duty of the victim to send a copy of medical records to their Miami medical malpractice attorney as quickly as possible. This will enable them to investigate the case properly and allow them to ask medical opinions from doctors who can serve as proficient witnesses in the case.

Send notification to the respective insurance companies

Whether informally or formally, it is quite beneficial to send notice of a lawsuit to hospitals as well as insurance companies whoever has to be involved in the case. In such cases, notice will initiate an internal review of insurance coverage to figure out whether one can reach an adequate settlement before filing suit.

Fulfil any pre-suit requirements

Many states have prescribed formal notice necessities for a medical malpractice case. Pre-suit notification rules and regulations need a kind of expert assistance in the way of an affidavit or a sworn statement. This statement explains the proper standard of medical care that was purportedly violated, and led to injuries.

Actual filing of the medical malpractice claim

The last steps in the process of filing a medical malpractice claim are forming a draft and file the complaint. This complaint is a type of formal recitation of all the allegations made against the hospital and defendant doctors. Once the filing of the complaint happens legally, the lawsuit can start in earnest.


Due to less than adequate financial means, it makes it hard for a victim to lead a normal life again.  Selection of the best medical malpractice lawyer who uses their years of knowledge and experience in executing the best claim filing methods help a victim with the compensation he deserves to recover its lost health.