Medical malpractice is a situation when healthcare professionals breach their duty for caring a patient that ultimately results in death or injury. Though such cases are rare, however, when they occur, results can be disastrous. Everyone doesn’t have knowledge as to what treatments are covered under medical malpractices. Following section will brief you more details about medical malpractices.

What Comes Under a Medical Malpractice?


Delayed or missed diagnoses are main reasons for medical malpractices. When a physician fails to diagnose a condition or misdiagnoses it, it’s a case of medical malpractice. This is because such delay or ignorance can cause missed opportunity for patient causing him/her serious harm and/or death in certain cases. It’s important to note that if one is unsatisfied with a physician’s behavior, it won’t come under a medical malpractice.

Hence, it’s important for you to first know and understand the situation and then take an action accordingly. In case, you reside in USA, a Norfolk medical malpractice lawyer can advise you if your case comes under medical malpractice or not.

Childbirth Injuries

During childbirth or pregnancy, there can be several injuries that can be accounted under medical malpractice. Some of such injuries can be quite dangerous such as fractured bones, brain injuries, partial or full paralysis. Obviously, some of these injuries occur due to natural reasons. However, if a doctor is negligent in handling your case and/or he has failed to take required steps for treating a condition, that comes under medical malpractice.

In case improper medical treatment is given during pregnancy, there can be harm to the mother, fetus or both. Instances of negligent prenatal care involve failing to handle medical condition of mother such as hypoglycemia, gestational diabetes, anemia, Rh compatibility and preeclampsia etc. Moreover, if the physician fails to ascertain birth defects, ectopic pregnancies and diagnose disease which can be dangerous for mother or her fetus such as lupus, HIV or herpes, it comes under medical malpractice.

Surgery Errors

Sometimes, surgeons can make mistakes in operating rooms. Such mistakes include puncturing a blood vessel or organ, operating wrong body part or leaving some surgical equipment inside patient’s body. Apart from this, in case nursing staff is negligent in providing adequate postoperative care such as giving wrong medications to the patient, using incorrect procedures causing infections or providing inadequate instructions to the patient, all these things come under medical malpractices.

Medication Errors

As per a study it has been found that these are some of the common medical malpractices. These errors can occur in several ways such as a physician making mistake in writing initial prescription, providing a wrong drug, inappropriate dosage or a certain drug, giving two drugs leading to harmful drug interaction etc. In case, a patient is already on drugs, it is important for a physician to precisely know and understand about existing drugs and advise the medications in a way to avoid potential drug interactions.

To conclude, medical malpractice can cause harm to the patient costing his/her life. Hence, make sure you take advice from a professional lawyer on this.