The area of family law reflects and revolves around the people’s relationships and tries to deal with the situation amicably. There happens to be various different aspects for family law besides spousal maintenance, parenting matters, financial or property matters and child support. Family law specialists Sydney gives that framework wherein all these issues are dealt in a proper manner. Generally, the disputes are resolved by either counselling or mediation.

Below is a list of best family lawyers in Sydney, from which one can be helped and proceed their matters amicably.

Brydens lawyers

Brydens Lawyers are one such firm which is absolutely professional and experienced in the family law. Their long experience has tailored them in such a way that one cannot be dissatisfied with this hardworking firm. Whether it is the preparation for the application of divorce, domestic violence or something as complex as custody or property disputes, they make sure that their clients are heard and treated with respect and empathy towards a satisfying and fast solution. If there is need for a good firm to look into your family issues than do not hesitate calling Brydens Lawyers.

McGowan Family Law

Its major agenda is to empower oneself through the process. This practicing firm is in Melbourne offering you with service and expertise that sets them apart from others. The firm’s principle lawyer was even recognised by Victoria’s law institute as domestic law professionals Sydney. Besides being supportive throughout they even act as a straightforward firm with no hypocrisy or hidden agendas involved. They adopt holistic approach providing you a practical solution depending on your unique circumstances.

The needs and concerns will be looked after appropriately by this household law professional Sydney.  The objectives here will be flawlessly identified giving you an equitable and fair settlement. They try their best that the decision is taken in the best interest of the client. Moreover, they also prepare attorney of medical or enduring power, new will and more in order to complete the work appropriately and accurately. From relocation overseas and interstate and divorce to children’s matters, court litigation and more, can be dealt with in the best manner under their guidance and assistance.

Divorce and De Facto Lawyers

Their highly experienced and approachable team of Ben Senese and Victor Carlo that are led by Alan Fitton are accredited specialists. Their objective lies within the boundaries of causing less anguish and pain to their clients and give them a cost effective and timely services and solutions. Familial law expert Sydney is really commendable as their action speaks louder than their words.  Their solicitors are extremely skilled when it comes to engaging the people in negotiating the settlement by adopting alternative techniques for dispute resolution. In their hands one need not worry of their issue being solved in a co-operative and amicable manner and they also avoid traumatising the children in their process.

Issues from same sex divorce or relation and custody arrangement to spousal maintenance and property adjustments will be looked after amazingly.


Have faith in the jury and family constitution consultant Sydney and move ahead with confidence in your decision.