Law is something that everyone has to abide by, and at the same time, everyone tries to avoid as well. Legal hassles have multiple shades and hence can actually end up your life taking rounds in and around the court. There are some pre-conceived notions that if one stays completely clear in his life and never try to step into the borders, one can easily stay away from these legal complications. However, this is not the case as there are multiple instances that the ones who are not guilty of anything has actually fallen into this entire maze and got stuck into it.

While this is one side of the entire scenario, there is a flip side of it as well. While being victimized by any erroneous activity, it is only the law that can help and taking its help is the safest way out. Law makes one thing clear; it must be same for everyone under any circumstances. But there have been multiple changes brought into over the years, and one of the latest of all changes have been the removal of any scope of legal aid for a host of family and civil law cases.

Joe Tacopina , a distinguished lawyer who mostly deals with the high profile corporate cases know what it actually means because just like everyone, even he had to deal with these cases at the beginning of his career. He says, that such a decision actually means that all kind of legal aid that could have been received for private family matters like divorce can no longer be availed. However, the cases of domestic violence have been temporarily been relieved of this new order, but there are certain criteria to match and conditions to comply with for rightful claimant of free legal aid.

Domestic Violence- A Creepy Creature that Eats Up the Social Balance, Says Joe Tacopina

There are multiple patterns of domestic violence as well, and it can be any incident which involves a dominating or threatening behavior. There is no hard and fast rule, that domestic violence has to be physical, it even involves sexual, emotional, financial and psychological abuse as well. There have been multiple appeals brought by the forums who fight for Women’s justice in the society claiming that domestic violence is apparent and where women are denied to the family justice system must be provided with the free legal aid.

As far as gaining the evidence is concerned, things get easier when there is a physical abuse of any sort. But when there are other factors like a domination nature within the family or any kind of financial abuse there are no chances of it leaving any impression apparently and gaining evidence is not only tough but also impossible. Joe Tacopina has also noted that 40 percent of these domestic violence cases are shut just because there is lack of legal evidence. Sufficient level of discussion needs to be carried and enough considerations made to ensure the women are protected from the social evils that happen daily.