When a couple having minor children file for a divorce, the court orders “non-custodial” parents i.e. a parent who does not have legal or physical custody, but they will contribute a part of their income towards child care and support. In case, neither of the parents is assigned the custody of the child, the court might order them to contribute a certain portion towards their child’s care.

The child meanwhile is supported by a third party. Since divorce can be a frustrating situation not only for parents but also for kids, it’s important that you hire a family lawyer during this time such that everything can be handled smoothly. Following are some tips that you should follow so that your divorce process will not impact your child.

How to Give Child Support During Divorce?

Respect Orders of Court

In the beginning of divorce process, the court usually signs off temporary support and custody orders for children. These orders are filed by lawyer who’s representing the claimant in the divorce. Though final decision about child’s care will lie with the judge, the evidences will play an important role in deciding the direction of case. In case you pay your portion in child support, the court will take you as the parent who keeps the children first.

On the contrary, if you aren’t ready to pay for your child support, your position might get undermined in front of the judge. In case, you think that the amount you contribute for child support is quite high, you can discuss the same with your lawyer. In case, you want joint custody and/or equitable divorce settlement while contributing partially or aren’t contributing anything, your case might get affected.

Hire an Attorney

A professional attorney can help to present your case in the courtroom. Usually, a child support contribution calculator is used for deciding the portion of support amount that you should pay. This calculator takes your total income, child’s medical reports and current support in consideration while determining the proportion of support amount. In case, you find that support amount allocated to you is quite high, you can ask a lawyer to intervene and help.

Professional lawyers have adequate knowledge of handling such cases. They know what all supporting documents you need to submit while filing an appeal for reduction in child support contribution. Moreover, they know what factors determine the contrition amount, which means they can devise you means to reduce your contribution amount, if you aren’t interested in contributing.

Better Negotiation

A professional child support lawyer can help you to negotiate a fair deal. He/she can showcase situation in such a way that you get lesser contribution amount than otherwise. Moreover, if any such situation happens such that your ex spouse is cancelling, cutting or withholding the payments and you are the only one paying contributing amount, you can fight on that. Professional lawyers have experience in handling such conflicts, meaning they can easily help you out to solve the issue.

To conclude, professional attorneys can be quite helpful in handling child support cases. In case, you’re also looking for an experienced attorney, reach out to Petroske Law.